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Cartas a Eloisa y Otra Correspondencia José Lezama Lima

Cartas a Eloisa y Otra Correspondencia

José Lezama Lima

ISBN : 9788479621049
446 pages
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 About the Book 

José Lezama Lima (December 19, 1910 in Havana, Cuba - August 8, 1976 in Havana, Cuba) was a Cuban writer and poet who is considered one of the most influential figures in Latin American literature.Although he only left Cuba on at most two occasions (one trip to Jamaica and a possible trip to Mexico), Lezamas poetry, essays and two novels draw images and ideas from nearly all of the worlds cultures and from all historical time periods. The baroque style that he forged relied equally upon his Góngora-influenced syntax and stunning constellations of unlikely images. Lezama Limas first published work, a long poem called Muerte de Narciso, released when he was only twenty-seven, made him immediately famous within Cuba and established Lezamas well-wrought style and classical subject matter.In addition to his poems and novels, Lezama wrote many essays on figures of world literature like Mallarmé, Valéry, Góngora and Rimbaud as well as on Latin American baroque asethetics. Most notably the essays published as La expresión americana lay out his vision of the European baroque, its relation to the classical, and of the American baroque.